Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Frustration

Late april of this year, I decided to loan on my Pag-ibig contribution for some not very important reasons. I decided to do so just to check how healthy my contribution records has been. Days and days passes but still I got no feedback on my application. So I did asked the person processing it. Then it was known to me that I need to apply the transfer of my records from the other branch since my previous employer wasn't of my present Pag-ibig branch.

I can't do anything except to comply what was required, so I did sign the transfer application form and have it submitted personally on the requesting branch, Cebu office. Upon submission, I was told to verify my request one and a half month after. For me, the given duration was too long and to clarify the process I did email the public affairs division of Pag-ibig in Manila. There I was informed that it wouldn't take that long.

Good thing that public affairs division help me facilitate my appeal. They emailed concerned branches and there I was getting a li'l hope on their actions. Ended, my files was successfully transfered to Cebu branch as of the 2nd day of June.

Prior to the verification of my records, it needs to be consolidated first by the recipient branch. It will be now the merging of my previous records with my new employment contribution. Since my records has been forwarded already as of June 2, so I went to Pag-ibig office to verify it. I was so sorry to know that it wasn't done yet, and I was told to go back the following week.

On my obedience, I went back just this afternoon. Sad to say they weren't able to consolidate it yet. On my frustration to their process, I emailed public affairs office again and below is my email:

To whom it may concern;

I would just like to update you guys on my recent appeal to transfer my records from Mandaue to Cebu Branch. Unfortunately it wasn't consolidated yet. I emailed Jennifer Roca c/o
mcd_cebu@yahoo.com verifying the status of transfer but there was no reply. My second option was to call the phone number given by Maricar Cabreros of Mandaue branch but I got no answer like no one was around. What I did next was to went to Pag-ibig office and ask the information about it. I also asked what causes the delay. The teller guy told my that when tranferring, they have to encode my records to their system. To me, the alibi was a big LIE cause files nowadays are electronic.

Just this afternoon around 4:40pm Cebu time, I went to Pag-ibig office to personally do the verification. Upon reaching the records section, I was told by a guy that verification of transfer shall be done only at the information, then I said I was already there but my records wasn't consolidated yet according to the teller. So this guy called the incharged Jennifer Roca. The later told me right away that transfer from Mandaue will only appear to them 7 days after, so I said it must be here now coz I was notified June 2nd that my records has been forwarded already. Then she gets my ID to check.
After a while, I asked the girl regarding the noreply to my email then she said that she's not the only one using the email account, okay granted. Then I ask again why there was nobody taking my call and she replied that their phone wasn't working those days. Ohhh come on....how many alibis should I need to hear?

Now, herecomes my questions with regards to the items in RED BOLD above.
encode my records to their system - is this really true?
appear to them 7 days after - what IT system are we using?
I know these are all big alibis but reasons like these are fooling us citizens of the Philippines. Alibis are not forbidden but please see to it that the reasons you will gave is close to what is reality. These are merely cover-ups of their ineffective and delayed services.

Hope to hear actions for these...!!!

Things like these are very frustrating. When are we Filipinos be awaken? No wonder others have flown to the moon and went back, then we Filipinos are still riding on top of our slow carabaos, the government. How do the government rate the productivity of their employees? There must be a good system for these cause as I can see, there service is very ineffective and most of the time delayed.

There should be a CHANGE in the government system...!!! Wake up my comrades.

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